Why Straight Women Enjoy Lesbian Porn

Viewing pornography online has become a phenomenon. More than one third of those who use the internet do so to browse porn; especially hardcore porno videos. If that wasn’t enough, you also have adult sites who manage to get millions of visitors each day. Chances are that most people think those looking at porn, are males. However, recent data from top adult sites shows otherwise. While men make up a large percentage of those browsing pornography, women are not that far behind. In fact, one out of three of the individuals checking out pornography, are females.

Those statistics alone are enough to shock most people. The truth is society expects men to spend time looking at images of hot and sexy women. After all, the general view of males is that they are horny creatures who are always thinking about sex. Nonetheless, porn stats tell a different story. While the fact that so many women are looking at porn online is in itself startling, the kind of adult material they look at is even more eye-opening. First, consider that there are countless of porn categories for people to choose from. Most know popular genres such as amateur, hentai, VR porn, teen, BBW, MILF, Japanese and of course, lesbian. Yet out of all these adult categories to select from, females went with lesbian porn.

According to stats, women spend a lot of time looking at lesbian porno. It appears they enjoy watching pornography dealing with lesbian sex. Not only sex images or porn GIFS, but also hardcore pornĀ of lesbian women kissing, licking each other’s vaginas and having intercourse. For instance, the search term ‘lesbian seduces straight girl’ was one of the most used by females. Straight women became interested in seeing how a lesbian girl managed to seduce a non-gay woman into having sex. Or at least what took place to lead them to the actual sex act.

When adult sites first began to examine their visiting viewing habits, they thought most of the females looking at lesbian porno were gay. But, as it turns out, the majority of them are heterosexual or straight females. That discovery let to more questions as people began to wonder why straight women were so interested in hardcore porn videos of lesbians? Why are straight women into pornography involving girl-on-girl sex?
Sex experts and people in general, have differences of opinion as to why this is happening. Still, most sex agree that straight women check out lesbian porn for the same reasons people see any kind of adult content. Individuals want to imagine what it would be like to be involved in the sex act. That doesn’t mean that they actually want to do it though. This applies not only to lesbian porn, but most of the content being viewed overall. At the same time, not all people fall into this category. Fantasy and curiosity play a major role in making pornography as popular as it is.
In addition to this, experts also agree that the internet has a major role to play in all this. Whenever folks are alone or able to browse for things online without fear of being caught, they feel free. The web provides them with a freedom to be able to explore things; including porn. That is why so many people look at hardcore porn videos in the first place; regardless of the category.
Women who have been interviewed about why they enjoy looking at lesbian content explain their reasons. Some say that even though they are straight and don’t necessarily want to engage in lesbian sex, it helps get them off. It stimulates and quenches their thirst as far as their sexual fantasies or desires are concerned. Yet these straight women are adamant about the fact they never want to actually have sexual relations with a lesbian. For other women, viewing lesbian hardcore porn videos allows them get in touch with their hidden sexual identity.
One thing that people can agree on is what watching lesbian porn content providers. For any woman, being able to see the acts that lead to orgasms is what matters the most. After all, unlike men, females have a harder time reaching orgasms. It helps explain why lesbian pussy grinding or lesbian doing tribbing are among the most popular hardcore porn films watched. This sex act consists of two females using their pussies to make each other come.
The same for lesbian pussy eating hardcore videos. There are men out there who don’t spend enough time eating out their female partners. The lesbian porn videos, let women see what it’s actually like which is why they enjoy it so much. In the end, what matters most in sex is being able to have an orgasm.

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