Prepare yourself for the best orgasm you will ever have with these 10 crazy sex positions you have probably never heard of. But remember, make sure that you and your partner are ready to be flexible before doing these.

  1. Low Swinging Position

If your guy can hold your mass, you can do this sex position. Take note that before you proceed, make sure your guy have the strength to lift you up.

For the guy, split the legs of your partner, ask her to cross her arms around your neck, jump and hold still until you can reach her feet. Hold her feet with your hands with all your strength. Position her around your waist and near your crotch. Her arms around your neck can give extra balance while doing this position.

  1. The Amazon

The level of comfort in this sex position is directed to the female. This is a type of woman on top position, but is very creative. So, if you are tired of the same woman on top position, try this one.

The guy needs to lie down on his back, two legs apart bended on knees while his body is forming a little arch so his penis shows. The woman closes her vagina on his man’s crotch while holding his legs. The result is deep penetration and crazy orgasm.

  1. Delight position

This sex position is very relaxing and comfortable. The guy needs to lie down on his side, one arm bended for support and legs are bended on knees in crisscrossed. Place the woman near your crotch bending a bit backward. The guy can penetrate from there while stimulating her nipples and clitoris for faster arousal.

  1. The Back Seat

In this crazy position, the guy needs to sit on the edge of a chair, legs spread open and feet firmly set on the floor. The woman will then sit backwardly on his lap, near his crotch, in bended legs while her arms stretching backward holding his hands for extra force.

  1. Octopus

Imagine an octopus arms wrapping around your neck, this is what this sex position looks like. The guy needs to sit on the bed, his arms slightly backward for support and legs slightly bended on his knees. The woman needs to stretch her legs up his neck until she is on his crotch. Wrap her legs around his neck and slightly bend backwards for support.

  1. The Bridge (Men’s Pleasure)

If your woman is up to some real crazy and challenging position, this one is right for her.

Have her bend backwards in all her fours like a crab. Pull up her legs, wrap them around your waist, and position her vagina to your penis and thrust. You will benefit the most in this position because her vagina is widely open to you.

  1. The Bridge (Women’s Pleasure)

This is the same as the Bridge position above but this time, the guy should bend backwards in all his fours, and it is the woman who will benefit from it. Can you imagine a tower positioned in the center of a bridge? 

  1. The Plough

The woman needs to lay on the edge of the bed, or of a chair. The man pulls her legs up, split them, and place his vagina on his crotch. The woman supports herself with her crisscrossed elbows.

  1. The Challenge

By the name itself, this position will really challenge the endurance of the woman. The man stands on his feet, while the woman crouches on a stool. The man enters her from behind holding her waist so she won’t topple over.

  1. The Fold

The woman lies on her back, a pillow placed on his back for lift and support, wraps her legs around his waist while the man sits with his legs spread out. The man pulls her near his crotch and folds down until he can reach her breasts.

These crazy and unique positions are so good for both parties.