10 years from now, will you still able to stay crazily in love with your spouse? Will you still manage to look at him the way you see him when you first met?

There are neurological researches that answer if it is possible to still feel madly in love with someone over the years. One recent study shows that there is a specific brain region for long-term, intense romantic love and couples in early-stage romantic love. These specific brain regions could be the answer why people can stay crazily in love with their partners.

Yes, staying crazily in love with your spouse over the years can really happen. Thanks to ventral tegmental area of the brain which is rich in dopamine – a neurotransmitter which plays a major role in the motivational component of reward-motivated behavior. VTA is found greater in long-term relationship compare to short-term relationship.

Having said these facts, here are the 8 tips on how to stay crazily in love with your spouse:

  1. Frequent sex

Frequent sex can maintain your intimate feeling with your spouse. It is a constant reminder that every time you submit yourself to him, it is because you love him. Sex also creates a comforting feeling for you because it is the time where you and your spouse share feelings and love for each other. It is the only time where you can drive away your stress from work, household chores, and the environment. A comforting feeling that a woman can feel from her spouse is what makes her crazily in love.

  1. Remember your humble beginnings.

It is always helpful to look back from your past whenever things between you and your spouse are going a bit overwhelming. Remember where and why your love story began and focus on the reasons why you decided to embrace him to your life. Just remember the tiniest, simplest, but explosive reasons why you loved him. Remembering the past really helps in renewing your love for your spouse.

  1. Flirt and be playful.

Growing old doesn’t mean you stop being flirty and playful. Little flirtation and playfulness, even if you already have kids, really helps in staying in love with your spouse. Just a simple laughing session and sending him flirtatious messages will do and will add spice to your married life.

  1. Show appreciation.

Being thankful and showing gratitude for the simplest things your spouse is doing will remind you of how blessed you are having him by your side.

  1. Constant communication.

Constant communication with your spouse keeps you connected. A well-connected relationship can make the emotion stronger and the love goes deeper through the years because you can express what you are feeling and you are open about them.

  1. Praise your Spouse

Praising your spouse for all his accomplishments, big or small, will remind you that you’ve got a good husband and that you’ve chosen the right man. Sharing your positive energy to him always results to positive outcome.

  1. Always be by his side.

When you are supporting your spouse in almost all his decisions, you are actually involving a lot more of yourself to him. Remember, the reason behind a man’s success is a woman. Helping him achieve all he wants in life is also a way of building your character and love for him.

  1. Pray with him.

There’s nothing more effective and powerful tip to stay in love with your spouse than praying with him. Putting God in the center of your relationship will put everything in place. Raising all your problems and prayers before God will give you another hope and another reason why you should stay in love with each other. After all, you are bonded before God.