Despite the technicality of homosexuality being illegal in Dubai, the dating scene in this hub of commerce is nothing short of spectacular. Members of the LGBT community meet in malls, clubs, bars, restaurants, and many other places.

Dubai has been described as the Las Vegas of the Middle East, having earned the reputation of a liberal haven. Many foreigners from the US, Europe, and South Asia have made it their home. There are several safety precautions LGBT community members who have lived here for a while observe. Here are a few tips on lesbian, gay, bi, and trans dating in Dubai.

Find out About Hotel Policy

If you decide to take a date to a hotel, it’s best to ask for two separate rooms or a room with two single beds. LGBT-friendly hotels are few and far between. We know a lot advertise as such, but please disregard that. Avoid PDAs with anyone, be they a member of the opposite or the same sex. Be careful when chatting to people on dating apps. Set your profile to “private” on social networks.

A gay couple who had a reservation at the Ramada Inn were startled to discover the hotel wouldn’t let them stay unless they got a mattress to put on the floor. However, this can happen anywhere else, even in a cosmopolitan city like London. Find out what the hotel’s policy is before you decide to stay there.

Trans Dating

When it comes to trans dating in the city, there are even more and bigger restrictions. Trans people in the emirate are advised to wear men’s clothes if their ID documents list them as male and vice versa. There is a restrictive statutory provision about “men who imitate women”.

Global dating apps like My Ladyboy Date are active in Dubai. In every case, keep a low profile if you intend to be active on the LGBT dating scene.

All disadvantages aside, Dubai is a beautiful city that boasts the (soon to be second) tallest building and some of the most fascinating commercial centers in the world. It has a very low crime rate and one of the world’s few 7-star hotels. It’s also a major hub of transport and an international economic powerhouse. You’ll meet enthralling people from across the globe.