You’ll see lots of trans people in clubs and bars in Tokyo. If you’re a foreigner in the Japanese capital looking for some good nightlife, look for phrases containing “gaijin” in descriptions of entertainment venues. This is the Japanese word for foreigner, and it means the staff will speak good English.

Tokyo has a large trans community. If you’re interested in trans dating in Tokyo, you have a good chance of meeting someone, either at a bar or online. The city hosts LGBT events all year round.

The biggest population of trans people is concentrated in the nightlife area of Ni-chome, with the bars and clubs boasting lots of regular patrons. Popular places include Gaspanic and Motown. They are great to take someone on a date to. If you’re still solo, you could meet someone here.

If that’s your goal, know that you will need to spend a certain amount of time at your venues of choice. What is more, there’s no guarantee you’ll hit it off with anyone.

Trans people from all walks of life flock to the nightlife spots in Ni’chome. The area is within walking distance of Shinjuku Station and you’ll definitely enjoy a nice meal and drink even if you don’t meet anyone. Still, it’s encouraged to bring a local who knows their way around.

You will see lots of trans people at the Kingyo Roppongi, an exclusively trans cabaret with exciting nighttime shows. The space includes a restaurant and a bar where every performer is trans. The venue is frequented by famous artists, designers, and film directors.

Single trans women can be found in the capital’s so-called hostess bars. Often, the interactions with them at these bars won’t go beyond talking.

If you want to date a trans person, you should always be clear on what type of relationship you’re looking for. It might be just to hook up, or it might be something more. Browsing dating sites is the easiest and fastest way to find a match because users normally say what kind of relationship they have in mind. If that fails, ask a local where trans people hang out. Hotspots can change very often and locals will know the most popular places best. Good luck in your search for your perfect date!